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The Best Trading Strategies for Beginners

Episode Summary

Have you ever wondered…What are the best trading strategies for beginners? Trading and the stock market, we know it’s BIG money, but I’m sure we’ve always questioned - how do we do it? In Episode 74 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re joined by Rosetta Bryson. Speaker and Founder of Simper Simple Trader Pro, the largest black-owned financial technology company in America! We will discuss the best day trading strategies for beginners, such as what it takes to become a day-trader, how to get there, and what mistakes we can avoid. Before you start trading, one of the crucial aspects is your headspace. To begin trading, we need to say “yes.” We shouldn’t consider other people's negativity, and most importantly, we need to be open to the process. Being open to the process is being committed to learning and taking a moment to invest in yourself. Remember, if you can take a chance to trade - you can see endless possibilities! We’re breaking the code and making a living in the industry in Episode 74 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, so don’t forget to tune in! Topics on The Best Day Trading Strategies for Beginners How Do We Start Day Trading? What is Trading? Best Methods for Profits When Trading Rosetta’s Journey

Episode Notes

The Best Way to Break the Code of Trading 

There are a lot of limiting beliefs we need to debunk if we want to become a profitable day trader! It’s easy to let our minds to run away with us.  Sometimes we think we don’t have enough education, money, resources, and time, but the best way to learn day trading starts with our mindset. Listen to Episode 74 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to get all the details and kick-start your trading journey! 

Key Ideas on Trading Strategies for Beginners

These are some key points that you need to understand about trading! 

Trading is NOT Gambling! 

Many people believe that trading and the stock market is a lot like gambling - however, this is not the case! “If it was gambling, it wouldn't be a market, and it would be illegal.” Now, a lot of this mentality stems from the idea that you are likely to lose your principal. Yet, that’s not the case; there are methods, like Rosetta has said, that will ensure you will not lose your principal at all! 


Linking to the first point, many people think trading is gambling is because they don’t know the right information. They want a little; they lost a little; those are like gamblers because they're just jumping in and jumping out, and they can't recharge. They don't understand the fundamentals or the technical aspect of trading. 

Monday is the biggest day of the week for traders. We make money and keep it. So that's the caveat that people don't know. You cannot do that unless you know what you're doing. A trader is smart because we're advancing the market, not just waiting for the market. This is what Rosetta’s organization does, using AI to help traders make better choices. 

Trade VS Investments 

One of the essential things to learn is what the difference is between trading and investing. Investing is when you buy a stock and wait for some time, maybe a quarter or a year, before you sell it. While trading is high stakes and fast. You buy and sell. Being a trader, Monday isn’t just any normal Monday - it’s Money Monday! 

Ready for Money Mondays?

Are you ready to look forward to Monday? Listen to Episode 74 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to break the code and make a living off Money Mondays with trading! 

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