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How to Reset Your Mindset to Get What You Want in 5 Easy Steps

Episode Summary

We all know that social media can be a great tool to stay connected with friends and family; sometimes, it feels like anything but. Between the perfect lives we see on Instagram and the constant pressure to be on top of our game, so many of us feel overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, and suffer from toxic productivity. If you're feeling this way, don't worry - you're not alone! Society's perfect ideal of what life should be like has us all feeling like we're falling short, but that doesn't have to be the case. We will share five simple steps to help you reset your mindset and get what you want in life.

Episode Notes

Work in Reverse

The first step is to work in reverse. Instead of starting with what you have to do, start with what results you want.? Ask yourself what actions you need to make to create those results? Once you have a clear idea of that, you can start mapping out how to get there. 

So what does that look like in 5 steps?

Here are five simple steps to reverse engineer your goals to reset your mindset:  

1. Start with what you want

2. Ask yourself how to get what you want - List the Actions Necessary to Achieve the Goal

3. Assign a Time-Frame to Each Action

4. Create a Schedule for Completing Each Action

5. Check off Completed Actions

Reversing the process of how to create something can be beneficial when it feels like you have too much on your plate and not enough time. We have to take a moment to breathe and plan that won't overwhelm or paralyze us. In other words, this is how we approach resolution as opposed to starting with where we are now or how we got there in the first place.

- Working backward can help us make more manageable plans for what's next because it costs us less mental energy than trying to figure out how to take care of everything at once 

- We're able -rather effortlessly instead-to identify the most important tasks on our list, work through them one by one, and trust that the rest will fall into place

Control What You Can

The second step is to take control of what you can. This means being mindful of your thoughts and how they impact your emotions and actions. It's easy to get caught up in a negative thought spiral, but it's important to remember that you have the power to choose how you react to things. 

You can't control everything in life, but there are certain things that you do have power over. Choose your attitude, how you spend your time, and the words that come out of your mouth - these are all things that YOU can control. Make a conscious effort to focus on the positive and let go of anything negative that's dragging you down. 

If something negative happens, don't dwell on it - focus on what you can do to fix the situation. 

- You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it 

- When you focus on what you can control, it empowers you to take action and make positive changes 

- Negative thinking leads to negative actions, so make a conscious effort to focus on the positive

Speak Power

Step three is to speak power. This means being intentional with your words and how you use them. The things you say to yourself greatly impact how you feel, so choosing your words wisely is important. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative, stop and reframe it in a positive light. For example, instead of "I'm such a failure," try "I'm learning and growing." 

- Your words have power, so use them wisely 

- Reframing negative thoughts and statements into positive ones can help shift your mindset 

- The more you speak positive words into your life, the more you will believe them. 

- Instead of beating yourself up, be kind and understanding - remember that everyone makes mistakes!

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Live Without Regrets

The fourth step is to live without regrets. This means making peace with the past and living in the present. Make choices that align with your values and what you want in life. If you make a mistake, learn from it and move on - don't dwell on it or let it hold you back. It's easy to get caught up in what could have been, but it's important to remember that you can't change the past. What's done is done, so focus on what you can do now to make your future better. 

- Don't dwell on the past - focus on the present and how you can make positive changes 

- Living with regret only holds you back from reaching your full potential 

- Learn from your mistakes and use them as motivation to move forward

Be Growth-Minded

The fifth and final step is to be growth-minded. This means viewing every problem as an opportunity for growth and success. Instead of seeing obstacles as roadblocks, see them as challenges to overcome. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes - but it's how we learn and grow from those mistakes that counts. This mindset shift can make a big difference in how you approach life. 

- Viewing problems as opportunities can help you stay positive and motivated 

- It's important to remember that obstacles are only temporary - you can overcome them! 

- Having a growth mindset means that you're always learning and improving, which is an empowering feeling

Resetting your mindset is a process, but it's worth it! These five simple steps can help you get on the path to success. Remember to be patient with yourself and take things one step at a time.

By following these five simple steps, you can reset your mindset and get what you want in life - no perfection required! 

Just remember to take things one step, one day at a time so be patient with yourself. Growth takes time, but it's so worth it in the end. 


Work less. Live more. Focus on What Matters.

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