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How to Attract Online Customers and Retain Them in 3 Simple Steps

Episode Summary

It's hard to get people to buy your product or service. Even if they do, it's hard to keep them coming back. You've tried all the usual things - ads, content, etc. - but it's just not working. You're losing customers and money fast. In this episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, we're joined by Shreyah Banerjee and Paul Counts. They're co-founders of Marketing Counts, a digital marketing firm with a three-pillar approach that can help you stand out and dominate your niche in a crowded and buzzing marketplace. If you want to attract customers online to your brand, you will have to focus on a strong marketing strategy, even if you're a small business. Foundation is the MOST important aspect of our businesses if we want to attract potential customers. We focus on blog posts, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other content marketing to attract new customers, these are great ways to build traffic - yet our landing pages might not even be ready. Imagine showing up in the search results, only to have a site, online store, social networks, and landing page that is not cohesive in fonts, theme, or message nor does it entice to convert sales to your target audience - what’s the point? Many businesses need to ensure that their foundation, vision, and objectives are solid. Traffic, engagement, and conversion will increase after the proper groundwork has been set. A tip I would like to add in is to highlight your audience’s pain point and offer your solution. Check out the Customer Journey Map Template for you to effectively distinguish the pain points and the best way you can offer your services and product! Now, let’s retain and convert our customers - don’t forget to tune in to this week’s episode at Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast.

Episode Notes

Topics on How to Convert Online Customers

Your audiences are busy with loads of content being thrown at them in all directions. So, how do you stand out? Listen to this week's episode at Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to get all the details!

Key Points in Marketing Strategies 

Imagine this; you have a strong following on a social media platform. It could be Facebook groups or Instagram. Then one day, it gets deleted, with no sort of way to remain in contact with your following. 

This is exactly why you need a website with a landing page that draws your audience to register their email. Doing this will ensure that you have your audiences' in your emailing list, a place where you can still connect with them. 

A good opening statement is when your landing page or email draws your audience in. How do you do that? Immediately highlight a pain point your audiences would have. You can use the Customer Journey Map Template to help you pinpoint the best opening statement. Secondly, ensure you have a call to action- that will instantly funnel your audience in the direction.

Who doesn't want organic social growth? Here's a little secret Marketing Counts shares with us...Everyone is on social media and running ads there, making Google Ads cheaper. However, if you want to increase SEO traffic - Google is amazing. Additionally, you can optimize SEO with software. 

You may be scared of sending emails because you're worried about the unsubscribe rate. But, it's not all bad! There can actually be a silver lining in these numbers - if your email lists are growing and people want more content from you; then they'll eventually come back around again when something else catches their eye or interests change--so don't stress too much over those first few weeks/months while things get going; instead, focus on what works well for YOU.

Consistently Winning! 

Let's consistently win in digital marketing and stand out in our niches. Don't forget to listen to this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast episode 91, How to Attract Online Customers and Retain Them in 3 Simple Steps, to be heard by your audiences and convert them into loyal customers! 

Also, check out the 

Customer Journey Map Template for you to effectively distinguish the pain points and the best way you can offer your services and product!

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