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Help Me Write a Book and Make a Profit Even If I’m Clueless!

Episode Summary

Have you ever gotten frustrated staring at a blank screen before you ended up Googling, "help me write a book?" If you need help to write a book, this message is for you! We're unlocking the benefits of writing your first book, the steps to get there, and done-for-you services to get there faster! In episode 83 of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, we're joined by Alinka Rutkowska, the CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs and launches them to best-sellers with a 100% success rate. We're discussing an unconventional way to grow your business, how to write a book that sells, how to coauthor a book, and why a book is better than a business card.

Episode Notes

I’m sure you’re wondering how a book can be better than a business card? One great example is having your book be a source for lead generation! Imagine you’re busy with your current tasks and work, but you have a book on a platform, like Amazon, and other places where potential clients can look up your expertise and your book pops up! Your potential clients read your book, get engaged with your content, and travel through the sales funnel or your customer journey. Your book can send them to a link to your website and integrated into your emailing list. Eventually, you’re going to offer more products and encourage more engagement with your content! 

This is a prime example of how a book can help you connect with your audience without activity working! 

So, don’t miss any of the details on the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast,”  ‘Help Me Write a Book and Make a Profit Even If I’m Clueless! As we get ourselves published and launch ourselves for success! 

Topics on Help in Writing a Book: 

Launching for Success

As Alinka highlights, there are two factors that we have more than the other. These are time and money. These two aspects can highlight how you consider your book to be published. You also need to consider writing, graphics, publications, royalties, or lead generation! 

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Key Points in Publishing a Book 


When we begin planning how to write our book - we need to consider the end goal of” what’s the purpose?

You can do this by going through a bookstore, or even online book platforms, to look at the specific section where you want your book to belong. From here, browse through your competing titles. From here, you can position your book by asking yourself - “how can my book stand out?”. Why should the reader choose to read your book over others?

Consider what you want to benefit from your book; this can help you set objectives for your planning and finances objectives previously mentioned; your book can act as a lead generation by offering it for free. Or, you might want to earn royalties through your book. 

There are many benefits of having a published book, but it’s essential to highlight the objective before taking any other step. 

Publishing Profits! 

Listen to episode 83 of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, “Help Me Write a Book and Make a Profit Even If I’m Clueless!” Learn how publishing a book can help you connect with clients and earn profits without actively working on it! 

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