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Heya, listen in if you want to hack your mindset and learn what high performing people do to: -Achieve goals when they feel like giving up -Get more stuff done even when they're overwhelmed -Remove the chaos and focus on the right things in 60 seconds -Shift mindset from down to delighted A growth mindset can transform your life, health, and business. Listen now to learn how to focus your mindset to become more productive and successful. FREEBIE: Hack Your Mindset for Massive Growth & Productivity Template 30-30-3 Method™

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In about a half-hour, you'll learn the must-know guru techniques of how to hack into your goals and become more productive before starting or scaling a business. How to position your thoughts to make you more successful in joyful. How to begin with the end in mind and how to use the 30 30 3 method to focus, and achieve the goals that are most important in 60 seconds.

Also, you'll learn the seven simple steps of achieving your most critical goals within your deadline. So stay tuned. I've got an awesome giveaway plus a bonus at the end of the show. I was recently asked, what topic could you talk about for 30 minutes without any preparation? I thought to myself, easy mindset. Then the second question quickly followed what sets you apart in the mindset? Motivation niche.

I replied now that's an even better question. I've been a certified coach practitioner for nearly 10 years. I've thrived with cancer with no traditional treatments outside of mindset for over eight years.

I help others with mental blocks to achieve success in business without sacrificing the lifestyle they enjoy. It's a motivation for me to see others thrive through their struggles and make it happen.

I've been a serial entrepreneur, the majority of my adult life, I've had my share of winning and losing.

Nobody has it figured out forever. You get ahead in life by constantly evolving in growing.

I'm excited. You're joining me on this journey of working smarter, not harder because life really is too short to be stressed out, trying to run a business and balance what you love.

My goal today is to help you get past whatever it is. You're struggling with the fear of failure, thoughts of not being good enough, lack of experience an illness. A bad childhood or you're broke or rejection or fear of success itself, whatever it is, it can be controlled by mindset.



You know the term you are, what you eat well, you are what you think. Proverbs 23:7 says, "So a man thinketh so is he," Buddha says "What you think.

You become what you feel. You attract what you imagine you create." Napoleon Hill says, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." Willie Nelson says "Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." Alice Walker says "the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

Peter Pan says, Just think happy thoughts and you'll fly". Henry Ford says, "if you can or you can't, you're probably right. Either way." Winston Churchill says, "The positive thinker sees the invisible feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. Lao Tzu says, watch your thoughts. They become your words."

Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits and your habits become your character. Your character becomes your destiny. Ralph Waldo Emerson, " You are what you about all day long." Tony Robbins says, " Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you'll experience in your life."

you don't become what you want. You become what you believe." Oprah Winfrey. " What you're thinking about, you're becoming "Muhammad Ali. " Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world." Harriet Tubman.

And she was a slave. Are you guys getting this? This is huge, okay, let me tell you guys why I'm so excited and you will be too. You see, we communicate in two different ways, and I'm not just talking about the traditional way that we quite often think that we communicate as far as verbal and nonverbal.

I'm talking about internal and external communication. external communication is what comes out of our mouth in terms of words. our body language, our facial expression, our tone, all that's called external. Communication. So you're granted success by the world, by your external communication. So if your external communication is on point, you are successful.

If you are walking the walk and talking the talk, you are successful. However, there's another. Set of communication, another half to that communication is our internal communication, and that's often what we ignore. So you can be incredibly successful, but you can still be sad or depressed or angry or mad, and you can't understand why because you've achieved all your goals and you've got everywhere you want it to be.

You're walking the walk, you're talking the talk verbally. But internally you've got something else going on. So internal communication is totally different. Our inner speech is our internal monologue that's combined with what we create in our minds. So if we're feeling excited or sad, or happy or depressed, and all the other feelings are directly related to what we communicate with ourselves.

So that being said, we have the power to control. What goes on in our internal communications. We can control what we choose to receive. Yes. I mean, I'm saying you have the control. You are in the driver's seat of your emotional status. So it's like Superman being able to control kryptonite. He's able to resist kryptonite.

I mean, how amazing is that? This is like you being able to resist depression. You will be able to resist unhappiness or sadness. You being able to resist any of the negative feelings and thoughts that you've had in your life. This is so incredibly powerful on what you guys to get this because when you go from depressed to delight.

All by positioning your intercommunication so you can alter your emotional status. You can change those negative thoughts into positive ones. When you understand the impact that your positive thinking has on your entire life. You unleased the natural superpower that's already within each and every one of us.

Nobody is excluded from this. Nobody is excluded. I mean, this is within each and every one of us. It's all controlled by our thoughts. If you choose to alter your internal and external communication, also known as your mental and physical communication to match your ideal emotion, you can feel like how you want to feel.

So if you want to feel happy, you do it so. Just explaining this better is if you know you're in the slumps and you know you have some negative thoughts going on. If you put a smile on your face and straighten up and literally act like you're happy, start laughing over, whatever. Just start laughing and act happy and do things as if you were happy.

Your mind does not know. It's not happy and things will change for you. However, if we decide for ourselves that we want to be unhappy and stay in that state, then we'll keep talking about the negative things. We'll keep mulling over what upsets us and all of our negative self thought like, I don't think I could do this, or we're thinking about what somebody else thought when.

They probably don't have positive thoughts for themselves. Let's focus right now on our own personal thoughts and get ourselves to the level where we can alter what we attract. And that brings us to another portion, and that is called our reticular activating system and also known as the RAS, the RAS is about the size of a Lima bean, and it's in our brains.

it is what. Attracts us to things like a magnet. like if you got a new car and you notice that after you got the new car, you see this same new car over and over and over again, the same car that you have and you're like, wow, I didn't even know that. There were so many cars out before I got this car.

So you start thinking like, Oh well I must be really cool cause I got this car now everybody else wants it. No, nothing changed. It's just the fact that that you have attracted the same thing because it's something you had an interest in. So quick exercise guys just quickly, look around, . Look around the space, the car, wherever you are this moment, even if it's pitch dark, just flip on the lights real quick and take a look around.

I want you to spot out. Every single thing. White look for all the white, bright, white, everything. White paper, white pin, a white purse, white shoes, white socks, white, anything. Look for white.

Look at, you know, if you're in the car, look inside the car, but don't wreck, please. And if you are, wherever you are, look for white. Look for the white. Okay, now stop. Now tell me how many purple things did you see. How many purple things that you notice. You probably can't tell me because you were focused on the white.

And this is an exercise for us to see the power of our minds. And when I told you to focus on the white, you are easily able to focus on the white, but you missed some of the purple. I'm sure you can probably say, Oh yeah, I saw a few purple things, but I bet you missed the majority of the purple things are out there, and that's how we could miss.

A majority of the possibilities in our life. We can miss some amazing things in our life by not looking for them. We're not looking for them. We're not going to attract a near as easily. So I'm not saying that you won't have some positive things happen to you because you're attracting negative.

Just like I said, you might've seen some purple things, but you won't be able to have the full potential. If you're not looking for the positive things in life. So you know, in every instance, look for the positive things. If something brings you pain, what lesson did you get out of that pain? What maybe can you learn and bring to yourself. And this is what ultimately becomes your story. This becomes your life. This is what separates you from anyone else. This is what separates you from your competition in life. It's your story and it's how you perceive your story and how you tell your story is how the success of yourself and others will be that.

Hear your story. Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers on earth. he was just one of the most amazing boxers. He's one of the first that people think of when they think of boxing. And. He did a lot of amazing other great things.

A lot of other great things are many people don't even know about, but I want to specifically talk about boxing. He had so much positive self talk that it was controversial. He would say, I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. He had a ton of different sayings that, I mean, you can make a whole t-shirt line on and he would have these amazing things and he himself.

Thought these things. He said it and he thought these things. He believed these things, and now even though he's no longer with us, he is known as one of the greatest. How amazing is that? Now, holding onto the thought that anything you really put your mind to is possible. I want you to think without limits.

I want you to think in terms that you have everything that you need. You have all the connections. You have the network, you have the skills and the knowledge. Whatever you need, you, you are limitless. I want you to think in that in terms of our next step of what we're moving into. So imagine a perfect life.

What if all the areas in your life that are important to you, what's perfect? Think about family, what lifestyle would you have and what would your family enjoy or your friends and, and your spirituality? How would your self-awareness in your faith and your connection be different if it can be perfect?

What about your income? If you had no limits and what you can earn in the next 24 months or the next year? What would that look like? What about your health? If your health could be perfect, what would that look like to you? Think about the major areas in your life. Pick out about four or five major areas that are very important to you.

Like some of the examples that I use and imagine those things being perfect, perfect. Without limit. Imagine what it would be like, what it would sound like, what it would taste like, what it would feel like. Imagine your favorite things, your favorite sounds, your favorite smells, so maybe you love the sound of the ocean or

just the waves hitting up against the rocks. Or maybe you love the smell of a fresh shower, or maybe you love the smell of morning Dew, or maybe you love the sight of a sunset. Maybe you love the smell of roses or of your favorite. Pie or your favorite food or whatever it may be. Find your perfect, happy place and assign, a perfect vision to each category because.

If you think these things and these things make you happy, and when the negative thoughts come, I want you to put yourself back into the place of your happy thoughts. Put yourself back into the place. Think about your happy thoughts. Even if it has to be, a synthetic or fake smile on your face or cheer and tell yourself you're happy.

Put yourself in your happy place and. Keep pushing on toward your goals. Keep going, keep going, keep going. And once you have a clear view, a clear picture of what your happiness looks like, your paradise, once you look at these key areas that are important to you, once you see it feel it smell it taste it and touch it.

Then it's doable. It's literally doable for you. There's a story of an athlete that did not think that his goals of becoming a Guinness world record holder were possible until somebody else did it. And then when he, when that other person did it, he did it. Over and over again, and it was only because he then realized it was possible.

How many people are out there doing what you want to do or have done what you are aspiring to do. Look at that and see that it's possible. No. That regardless, even if you don't know exactly, you know that person look hard for somebody that's done something close to what you want to achieve. And even if not still envision it.

Even if you don't know, can't find anybody that's doing what you hope to achieve. Envision it, envision it until it happens. Keep pushing until you see your results and. The thing is is that if you can't envision it, it's going to be incredibly hard for you to get there. We have to see the end game so we know it's doable.

We have to envision our future success to be. Our most successful being. Okay, so let's get into it. Let's take a minute to find out what's most important to you today. So set a timer, get a timer. You can use your phone, or if you've got an hourglass or whatever, you have set a timer, but we're going to need to set it for 30 seconds, and this is the Total Fit.

Boss Chick, 30 3 3 method. And once you guys have a timer and your pen and paper, you can get started with the three steps. Okay, we're going to get started. So step one, set your timer for 30 seconds and write down the most important goals in your life right now.

And for the sake of time, I'm not going to pause this full 30 seconds so you've written down what your most important goals are. I want you to set your timer for another 30 seconds. Your top three most important things do it now. Once you have that down, I want you to make a list of, take a look at your list and you can see your most important goals. Now that you know your most critical goals, I want you to think of your goals.

As if they're in the present tense. Thinking of your emotions and your goals as if they've already happened or if they are currently happening. So create a declaration statement. Be bold and be brave with what you have to say. Instead of saying, I'm trying to start a business by the end of the year. Yes, you already know you have a timeline and you know what your goal is, but you start just saying and declaring, I am a successful business owner.

So repeat, I am a successful business owner to yourself daily. That is your declaration statement. Or instead of saying, I'm trying to balance work and life by my birthday. Yes, we know you have a goal. We know you have an end date, but make it present. Instead of saying that I am trying to say, I am so happy to celebrate an amazing work and life balance.

Whatever it may be. Make it present. Just like Muhammad Ali. He made his statement big, bold, and present. I am the greatest. and he actually became the greatest. He said it. He repeated, he believed it, and he achieved it. We can do the exact same. So whatever it is, whatever your goals are, you can, you can declare it.

I am the greatest copywriter. I am the greatest planner. I am the greatest homesteader. I am the greatest course creator. Or you can say. I am a successful, I am a awesome, whatever it may be, fill in the blank, but declare it now and be present in what it is. Make your declaration statement big, bold, and present.

So. As we move on through this whole goal setting exercise, because it, because ultimately that's what this is about, right? So first we had to see that it was doable and we had to believe in the impossible. Then we set our timers for 30 seconds and then for another 30 seconds, and then we picked our top three.

So now we know what's important to us. Now let's see the rest of the steps. Okay. So this is the moment that you've all waited for. We have all waited to find out how we can now truly unleash the powers that we have within our unlimited abilities. How can we take the knowledge that we just learned and apply it to our goals and actually achieve them?

So that's where we are right now. There only seven steps to this. Super simple. Okay, so let's just get started. So number one. We take a look at those goals and we must write them down. It's very important that we write them down. We've got all types of development and success gurus from Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy to Zig

Ziegler. to Tom Bay the list goes on and they talk about a study, from Harvard business school MBA. Now, I actually haven't been able to pinpoint this exact study. I keep kind of seeing, like, I'm not sure if it's exactly real, but let's just say that. What these wonderful, amazing people have been saying is true.

This is what the results were and this is what the study was about. They said that Harvard business school department of MBA asked their graduating class about their goals in life. The question was, have you set written goals and created a plan for their attainment? Now, here are the results. Before graduation, 84% had no written goals.

13% of the class set written goals but did not have concrete plans. 3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans, and 1% of the class had written goals, concrete plans, and reviewed them. So what are the results? The results after 10 years were that the 13% of the class that had written goals, but they didn't have a concrete plan.

We're making double the income of the 84% of the class that did not have any written goals at all. Now astonishingly the 3% that had both written goals and a plan. We're making 10 times as much as the rest of the class. That means that 3% made 10 times more than 97% of the class. Now, I'll tell you things a step further.

Multimillionaire CEO and author Lonnie Dawson says that only 1%. Has written goals and they reviewed them regularly, and these were among the highest achievers in the United States. Dawson also says a millionaire looks at their goals once a day in a billionaire, looks at their goals twice a day. So. Do you understand the power of writing down your goals, physically writing them down and reviewing them, and having a concrete plan?

All of that is incredibly important. So now that you've got the importance of having your goals written down now we need to know what is our, why, what is our, why. Write it down next to your goal.

What is the purpose of your goal? Why do you want to reach it? I mean, what is it going to make you feel like clearly defined and identify the reasons why you want to reach this goal? Why does this goal support your beliefs or your values? And this sounds like it's going to take long. It is not, it is not going to take long.

And, I have an incredible template. That you guys can use in it makes everything a total breeze, but the importance to know is what is your why, because knowing your why and also evoking your senses to your why, what will it smell like? What will it feel like? What will it taste like again? You need to be able to envision your reason why.

If you reached this goal, what is it going to mean to you? Why do you want to reach it? What is your story behind your why? because that is what's going to pull you. That's what's going to literally drag you when you feel like giving up your why is your reason, you know, the reason why, you know, a little bitty tiny woman can lift up a huge car.

just sort of a blink of an eye because her child is stuck underneath it. That's her why that's strong enough. The reason why you're able to do this or that is because of your why, because of your reason. Because of your story. What is your why? So now we have your, we, let's recap real quick.

We have the goals written down and we're going to have a clear. We're going to have a clear vision as to how we are going to get there by the time we're done. But they're written down and we know our why's and the next thing we need to do is move to the next level. And that is. Our capacity? Is it in our control and how will you do it?

How will, how will you make it happen? What is it that you'll do? Write down what you, need. Write down who you may need to help you, can you do it alone? Is it something that you need help from somebody else? Do you need to hire someone? Do you need training? Be detailed and write down what you'll need or who you'll need to go along with this task.

So the next thing that we want to move along to, we have our, we have our, we have our goals, we have our why we have our control and how we'll do it and what, what's very, very important. What's very important is not just knowing if it's in our capacity. It's also knowing, doing things in our action too, let me give you an example before I move on.

I want to make sure you guys have this down. So we have our goals, we have our why, and then how will you do it? Case in point, if you know, let's just use the example here of 10,000 emails, opt-ins. If you want 10,000 email opt-ins, you literally can't just expect them just to fall in your lap.

There are action steps that you must do in order to make that happen. So yeah. Figure out your action steps, figure out what you need to do in order to make that happen. the rain group did research and they said that it takes eight touches on average for there to be a conversion or for an action to happen.

For somebody to say opt-in. Sometimes yes, it's great and there's not a conversion, but there are different things that may have happened that may not have had anything to do with you. Prior to them getting to you, it could have been thoughts or things that they were presented with, but by the time they get to you, you may be the answer.

And that's what we're ultimately trying to be, is that magnet. Okay. So basically. If you are in a position where you know you need eight touches, you need to, in this example, if you know you need eight touches in order to get what you want to in your goal, if you don't fulfill the needs of. Giving valuable content.

If you are not staying relative and connected if you aren't following through or following up, if you aren't where they are, if you, if they're on social media and you aren't there, or if you're not on the right social media, if you're not giving the right content, you may as well not be there. So again, actually doing things within our capacity and doing them properly, that's what makes the goal actually.

In our capacity makes it actually real. Okay, so we have that down. Perfect. The next question and the next step, which is step number four is your win. When is it going to happen? What is a reasonable deadline? So consider other timelines if you require help if you need help from somebody else. What is that timeline going to be?

So I don't want you to set yourself up for failure because you set a timeline and the person that you need help from that is going to get you the book of your answers is at a whole nother schedule than what you are on. So make sure that the deadline that you set is reasonable. So we're rocking right along and we are on step number five and step number five is.

What if you run into a wall? What if you just start running and you are going and you've gotten through step one, two, three, four, and you have hit a wall? What happens when you run into a wall? What happens when obstacles get in your way and. Think about what obstacles can get in your way so you can already prepare for them.

So you're not thrown off track. And how could you keep yourself encouraged what's your backup method for achieving this goal? Say you're waiting for some content from someone and they just fall off and they don't get it to you.

What's your next plan of action? Who else can you reach out to? Know, your next steps if you're going to run into a wall. so think about it. Now think about it as you are planning your goal. So again, these are, these are your larger goals that we're talking about. Now we're just talking about, Hey, my goal is to make sure I get in the shower tonight by, you know, by nine o'clock.

Well, that's not the kind of goal I'm talking about. The goals that we're talking about today are your larger goals. That's going to take more of a plan for you to reach. So I just want to make sure that's, you know, that we're on the same page with that, but know what you're going to do when your back is against the wall or you hit that brick wall.

How are you going to get yourself out of that? You know it. How are you going to get out of it? So remember. Before you start feeling negative, take yourself to your happy place. Think happy thoughts. Remember, you actually can control your emotional status by the way you convey your internal and external, both of them together, the way you convey that language in that conversation to yourself and accurately and outwardly.

So make sure that you are in full control of that. So. The next step, easy enough is to review and renew and. It's actually reviewing your goal on a regular basis. Reviewing that. That's step six. Re reviewing your goal on a regular basis. So you know all of these other things, but if you don't review it, as we talked about before in the study, if you don't review, you kind of forget some of the steps or you can easily become discouraged.

But if you review it, you can stay focused and. You can move in purpose and in clarity, which makes reaching your goal a lot easier. And again, what you think about, and you have positive thoughts about you can attract. So in order for you to attract it, you've gotta be reviewing it so you can renew your mind.

So review to renew is what you've got to do. Okay. And step seven is totally optional, but I strongly recommend it. I strongly recommended, I say, use a visual mind map. I love my maps. Use a visual mind map. So some people use a project map or a goal, a goal map, or, which whatever way you want it or you need it.

That is so. Awesome. To help be able to have a one sheeter and visual. Just totally visualize, okay, this and that, this and that, this and that, and the, basically take all this content that we just said and then put it into a visual template. at is my last tip. That is the bonus tip. There's a total of seven steps.

That is the seventh step six you can get by with. But that seven-step is super awesome. And, I am excited. I am excited for what you guys are going to do. I know that you will be able to reach your goals. I know that you will have a totally different belief system because now you know your superpowers.

You know that you can live life without limits. You know you can achieve the impossible. So remember, as you're going through these steps. And as you are setting yourself up to move to the next stage in your life, to move to your next best life, your next, next best opportunity is to take action. And if you don't take action, you are missing out on a whole nother level of not just happiness, but success for you and the other and others that come after you.

You only have control over three things in your life. That's the thoughts that you think, the images you visualize in the actions you take. Jack Canfield, I want you guys to really take that home with you. Take that with you, put it in your heart, and move forward with it. So now you know what you can do.

Create the vision and take the actions. If you're still unclear about the actions that you should take. Or if you just want some encouragement, if you want to walk along with me and follow some of the awesome tips that could help get you unstuck when you feel stuck, I am committed to getting you. To balance your life and your business because that was my struggle for so long. Get the template, make it happen, and I'd love to hear from you.

shoot me over a DM or comment on Insta at Total Fit Boss Chick. Let me know what's going on. Let me know your questions, your thoughts, I'm excited and I cannot wait to see you get there and I cannot wait to hear your story.