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Unlock the Keys to a Forever 3-Day Weekend

Episode Summary

Are you ready to unlock the keys to a forever 3-day weekend? It’s Sunday night, and you’ve just realized it’s Monday tomorrow - again! Sometimes, we wish to have more time on the weekends to rest, rejuvenate and do things that we’ve always wanted to do. But we can have more time and incorporate a 3-day weekend lifestyle! In Episode 71 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re joined by Wade Galt. He’s the author of “Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is” and the founder of the 3-day Weekend Club. In this episode, we will talk about the importance of taking time to really enjoy life. We will also go over the “how to’s” of filing the ideal clients, delegating tasks, and creating a sustainable 3-day weekend lifestyle properly! Before starting a 3-day weekend lifestyle, we first need to settle our values. It boils down to the basic decision of how much importance we put in balancing our personal life and work. If I asked you what the most memorable event happened to you, most of the time, your answer would be something outside of work. Equally, we need to be present during the time at work and outside of it. Be present where you are, the people you’re with, and the activities you’re doing with it. Keep tuning in to Fit Boss Chick Podcast, Episode 71, as we embark on a journey of having more time and sustaining a 3-day weekend lifestyle.

Episode Notes

How Can We Start Our 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle? 

Before starting your 3-day weekends, you have to understand the keyword–lifestyle. It’s supposed to be sustainable and long-lasting! So, here are some key points to remember to keep 3-day weekends into your life in the long run. 

Key Points in Embarking on a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle 

Attracting the Right Clients 

To have a 3-day weekend lifestyle, you need to work with people you truly want to deal with. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we can’t stop working. We have to jump on the latest trend, think of something new, or believe that if we don’t work for one more day - we won’t be able to achieve our goals. However, it’s important for us to realize, “Is this client someone I want to work with?” or, “Are they just wasting my time?”. They might not have the same vision as you, or it may just simply be hard to work with them. Attracting the right clients depends on our basic values of what we can work with. 

Live Within Your Means

Living within our means can be difficult. Sometimes, we can spend more than our monthly salary and barely save anything. So, you have to go back to work, maybe go for holiday pays or overtime shifts. However, in order to have a 3-day lifestyle, you need to start living within your means. This way, you won’t be working for more than four days just because you need to pay the bills from last month. 

Be Inspired 

Lastly, be inspired. There are instances where we would like to work because there’s nothing else to do. All our friends are working - so might as well, right? But this isn’t the mindset you should have. We must be inspired to make time to be present to do things we want to do - even when we’re alone. 

Enjoy Your Weekend! 

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