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Expert Advice: Mapping Out the Ideal Customer Journey

Episode Summary

Imagine you went on a date and thought you hit it off, but the next day that person proposes… weird, right? BUT, sometimes, our sales funnels are exactly that. Have you ever wondered if paid ads on social media platforms are worth it? Let's talk about a game-changing digital marketing strategy that will garner more results than any paid ads! In this episode of Total Fit Boss Chick, we're joined by Stormie Andrews, the co-founder of Yoekl Local, an award-winning digital marketing agency. He is a masterful communicator who brings his unique skill set to his audience by effectively uncomplicating today's complicated world of online marketing. We're discussing why businesses should think of their business as digital employees, how to fix why most businesses waste time and spend too much money on marketing, and how you can change the game by understanding your customer journey. Before discussing the ideal customer journey and the sales funnel - we need to ensure we don't have half-built bridges in our system. We can get very caught up doing the next task and trying to accomplish multiple things on our to-do lists that we end up with half-built bridges. It would be challenging for your audience to cross over to loyal consumers with a half-built bridge. This usually happens when you don't put in the time, energy, and effort into one project; instead, you work on 20 projects simultaneously. Hence, with every project, ensure you highlight your intent and don't build bridges that won't be beneficial for your customer or your brand.

Episode Notes

Listen to this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick to learn all about the organic marketing funnel and the ideal customer journey!

Topics on Customer Journey Mapping Process

How to Perfect the Customer Journey? 

The customer journey is crucial to funnel your audience to actual paying customers. However, most of the time, we rush our consumers to buy a product that they end up cutting all connections with you. Let's avoid break-ups by tuning in to this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to get all the details! 

Key Points on Customer Journey Mapping 

Awareness Stage: Customer Journey Touchpoints

In this stage of the process, we're highlighting and understanding the customer touchpoints or pain points that are problems your audience faces. This prompts us to begin our research. We can start the search by considering what resources we can provide and the different types of messaging that would benefit a person trying to learn about solving their issue.

Customer service starts with listening to the customer's pain points. An effective customer journey doesn't put sales pressure on the consumer when presenting solutions. This will ruin the customer experience and cause the user to choose an alternative. How well are you applying the customer pain to your customer journey? 

Unique Value Proposition 

A successful company should offer something unique to its buyer persona. So, how do we set ourselves apart without pressuring the customer? It's with our unique value proposition. Our unique approach, offering, content, intent, or relation, is our unique approach. Our unique value proposition is what will truly get us far with our business. 

Discover Your Intent

Pinpointing what your intent can be difficult; try answering these questions to help you determine what they are: 

What truly sets you apart from your competitors?

Can your competitor easily imitate your message and offer? 

 Craft Your Message 

From here, you need to create a message that shows your audience you understand their pain points, what they're looking for and need and how you or your brand can assist them in the buying process. 

Remember, you're helping them with their journey - not a bibliography on yours. 

Marry Your Success 

Let's not get too caught up in proposing to our audiences and scare them away! Instead, let's learn more about marketing strategies in this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast so we can marry our success in the long term! 

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