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5 Keys to Amplify Your Authority with Public Speaking

Episode Summary

Public speaking!!! Do you feel your legs getting weak, or your heart beat faster by the second when you stand in front of people and try to speak? Glossophobia–by definition, is the fear of public speaking, but it can also be an opportunity to gain competence and confidence! In Episode 73 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Tom Bailey. He is the founder of Succeed Through Speaking and Host Stub, Succeed Through Speaking Podcast. Tom has an amazing story of how he spent 25 years of his life becoming an expert at avoiding public speaking to now being an expert on teaching, being comfortable, and succeeding fearlessly through public speaking. In this episode, we’re exploring how to become a fearless speaker with the five P’s to raise your voice and be the go-to-expert in the industry, and amplify your authority! Before we get into the discussion of how to get over our fear of public speaking - we need to ensure we don’t make these mistakes. Tom shares with us three mistakes you might make when trying to get past your fear of public speaking - and it boils down to avoidance. First, don’t buy every book that tells you how to do it, because you will have all the knowledge with no implementation. This is just like attending conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. You may feel motivated to be like one of the speakers, but it can also take a toll on your confidence and do more harm than good. Lastly, you want to change the way you speak, including changing your accent. But as Tom highlights, this is a big mistake because we need to be authentic, and speak our true voice! Amplify your voice as your tune into Episode 73 of the Total Fit Boss Chick! Topics on Public Speaking Fear Mistakes To Avoid Five P’s and Implementation Tom’s Journey and Checklist

Episode Notes

How Do We Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking?

One of the aspects to help with overcoming our fear of public speaking is to gain confidence. We can gain this confidence by competence. With the help of the five P’s, all of these aspects will interweave and layer - next thing you know, you’re speaking in front of an audience, with your voice being heard! 

Key Points of the Five P’s 

The first aspect is profile, which is you. You need to be clear about who you are, so when you’re talking about yourself, it becomes easy to speak about yourself because you know yourself better than anyone. 

Similarly, you need to know your product or service very well. Be clear and confident with what you offer, because once you develop competence, it will be easier to answer any questions and overcome the fear of messing up! 


One of the best ways to start practicing, talking, and implementing is through podcasting. You don’t necessarily have to worry about your face or physical gestures because it’s focused on your voice. If you’re hosting a podcast, you don’t need to speak a lot but ask amazing questions that keep the conversation going. 

Webinars, seminars, or any presentations will bring you forward in overcoming your fear of public speaking. The best way to perfect public speaking is by doing it! Tom suggests delivering a signature talk, which spans from 60 to 90 minutes, where you effectively talk to and present to an audience. 

The last P is profit. You can be the go-to expert in your industry when you have your voice heard. You can use speaking to grow your business, revenue, profitability, and network! Remember, the more impact you can have and the more income you can have as well in the world.

Be Heard! 

Your voice is your power, so tune into Episode 73 of the Total Fit Boss Chick to get all the details about gaining confidence and overcoming your fear of public speaking! 

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