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Ask an Accountant About Processes in Business?

Episode Summary

Have you ever felt like you're just winging it as an entrepreneur? What if I told you lack of processes in business are huge roadblocks to success? Do you know how to create systems for your business? Would you be surprised if I told you to ask an accountant not just for budgeting process steps but systems and processes for small businesses? Asking a CPA to help you find factors affecting your business growth is not surprising, but creating systems and processes are not usual questions for accountants. Well, at least not for most CPA firms. In this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we're joined by Courtney DeRonde, who is the CPA and Managing Partner of TDT CPA's and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofits organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders understand and maximize. Financial information to achieve better results moves the organization to the next level!

Episode Notes

As Courtney highlights, she has clients who face roadblocks in taking their business to the next level. It usually comes when entrepreneurs don't have a system set or documented. Hence, when they start adding more people within their organization - it doesn't seem to grow the way it should. And it can really hold you back from adding another location or growing into other markets, or adding more people.  How can you define business growth without creating a system?

Don't forget to tune in on this week's episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick to learn more about taking your organization to the next level! 

Topics on Processes in Business 

Accounting and Processes in Business  

We're going to talk about some points on finding the perfect fit for your people and budgeting. So don't miss any details on Total Fit Boss Chick - tune in now! 

Key Points For Your Organization 

Sometimes, when we face roadblocks, we are not sure if it's because of the people in our organization or our processes. To distinguish if it's the process or people, you need to reassess if the people are the perfect fit for the job. This means they align with your business's purpose, vision, and core ideology. 

As entrepreneurs, we want to hire someone just like us. But it's important to understand that we can't replicate ourselves. The key point is to understand that everyone has their own gifts and talents - sometimes better skills than ours. 

The main purpose of a budget is to help you plan. It helps you designate how much money you want to make and how much money you want to earn. Consider budget as a tool to pencil out your vision and plans for your business, helping you continuously track your results against it and adjust your strategies based on the outcomes. 

Budgeting can be empowering. You can start sorting out how much money you will invest in a launch, pay yourself, or create a product or service. 

The best part of it is you can start now. You don't need to wait for January or the last quarter of the year. This is because we create budgets based on past historical payments. So it means that depending on how much you spent previously, for example, a launch, cost this $XXX amount - it will become the baseline for this year's new launch budget. 


If this seems overwhelming, I highly recommend you to take it One Day At A Time with the (FREE) Daily Planner!

Processes in Business to Grow Profits 

Don't forget to tune in to this week's episode on the Total Fit Boss Chick! We're learning about roadblocks to growth, how to acknowledge them and how to perfect the process to churn-out profits! 

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